In Violino Veritas
In Violino Veritas
In Violino Veritas



01 – Time (05′ 24)
02 – Hommage (05′ 37)
03 – Cosmopolitan Jungle (06′ 59)
04 – Incursión berberisca (05′ 10)
05 – Indigo one (06′ 45)
06 – On the air (06′ 36)
07 – En attendant Poulenc (06′ 40)
08 – Naï Yaouna (05′ 26)
09 – Mira Gestorum (05′ 48)
10 – Divertimento (06′ 33)
11 – Circus Parade (05′ 10)
12 – Metropol (05′ 09)



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To obtain the full version of the pieces (live version) please contact Elizabeth Boudjema at the following email address:

The project

Warm sounds, pizzicati like on a guitare, vocal and instrumental percussions are just some of the ingredients of “one woman show” by Elizabeth Boudjema. 

This exploratory journey offers us an unusual approach to the violin, based on Théodore violin tuned to the lower octave, in agreement with Gustave, tuned in the classical manner.

A strange synopsis … musical !

There is no doubt that Théodore and Gustave are in cahoots and are trying to stand up to the “loop station” called “Loupiote” which, however, refuses to stand in a corner and want to be everyone’s boss! Both are forced to follow… because it is she who holds the tempo!

Our three accomplices are in harmony with each other and agree to wrap us, throughout the concert, notes of jazz, classical music and world music, through rich and rhythmic accompaniments of original compositions.

As for the voice, passing by chance, she decides not to stay on the sidelines and to offer her services to this happy trio. After a small meeting, the three protagonists decide to attempt the adventure … Thus, the voice will be able to give body and soul to its passion!As the concert progresses, she’s getting caught up in the game and becomes more daring but always showing reserve…

All things considered, this performance is a set of colours, rhythms and bow strokes in search of a time never lost… A performance as much to see as to listen!

The performance

The performance proposed by Elizabeth Boudjema can be presented in all kinds of places: cultural centres, festivals, schools, private concerts, etc…

…the duration of the show is about 50 min.

As the artist performs alone on stage, a simple amplification may be sufficient for smaller venues.

When the venue is spacious enough and the audience is larger, the following equipment should be made available:

Sound system:

  • 1 mixer
  • 1 stage monitor
  • 1 microphone stand
  • 1 D.I.


  • 1 chair
  • lights at the organiser’s discretion

For all enquiries, please contact the artist directly using the contact form at the bottom of the page.


The team


 is tuned to the lower octave compared to a violin. It can be considered a tenor violin. It is amplified using the “Olivier Pont” Pick-up


 was born in the atelier of François Breton, violin maker in Mirecourt (France).
He is amplified for the occasion by the “Fire & Stone” pickup.


LOUPIOTE is the RC 30  Loop station (Dual Track Looper) by Roland.




Needless to present the MICRO (PHONE) Shure 58! He is joined by his faithful and irreplaceable friend, COSMOS.


LÉOPOLD is part of the series of polytone – Brute IV amplifiers.
A classic!.



 After graduating from the Conservatory of Bordeaux, ÉLIZABETH BOUDJEMA devoted herself to jazz and improvisation, completing her classical studies with the study of musical writing.


After graduating from the Conservatoire in Bordeaux and Asnières (France), Elizabeth Boudjema became interested in jazz and improvisation, specialising in the professional cycle at the CIM (Centre d’Informations Musicales) in Paris.

At the same time, she continued to study musical writing at the Hector Berlioz Conservatory in Paris.

During this period, she performed on stage accompanying numerous artists in France and Italy (Roberto Sironi, Arthur H, Joseph Racaille, Lucide Beausonge, Roberto Sironi, Dora Lou, Rido Bayonne…) and participated in many jazz recordings (Didier Lockwood, Didier Levallet, Thierry Maillard…). …) light music (Joseph Racaille, Juliette, Vincent Delerme, Arthur H, Thomas Fersen, Dick Annegarn, Princess Erika…) African music (Manu Dibango, Ismael Lo, Rido Bayonne), ballet music (Philippe Découfflé) and television shows (François Feldman, Stéphane Eicher, Joseph Racaille…). 

She has also worked at the Sacem (French Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers) as a transcriber of musical scores.

After living in Milan, Italy for more than fifteen years, she now divides her time between Italy and France.



Elizabeth Boudjema can be contacted at +39.346. 6883109  or  +33 .768680837 and at the following email address:
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